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نو اور , بدعت گذار. // Innovator

Feel it turn across the sky. The world it learns; so must I.

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00 gundam, 00 raiser, acting, allelujah haptism, anew returner, apples, badly-written monologues, becoming gundam, being a punching bag, being bamf, big shiny robots, christina sierra, creeping into bedrooms, exercising, exia, existentialism, feldt grace, gundam, gunpla, hotdogs, ian vashti, innovating, jesus'ing everyone into understanding, jesus'ing your degenerating cells, joyce moreno, lasse aion, lichtendahl tsery, lockon stratos, lyle dylandy, marie parfacy, marina ismail, marina's bamf song, mecha, mileina vashti, milk, my bff lolis, my jesus gundam, princesses' bedrooms, ptolemaios, rainbow sparkles, setsuna vs. suzaku: jesus-off-2009, sumeragi li noriega, tieria erde, tl;dr on distortions, undergoing innovation, understanding

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